NCA Chapter 8

NCA Chapter 8

National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)

Chapter 8 : Enforcement of Act

Chapter 8 of the National Credit Act relates to the enforcement of the act and describes how searches are to be carried out, describes offences, and includes miscellaneous matters.

Part A : Searches

153. Authority to enter and search under warrant

154. Powers to enter and search

155. Conduct of entry and search

Part B : Offences

156. Breach of confidence

157. Hindering administration of Act

158. Failure to attend when summoned

159. Failure to answer fully or truthfully

160. Offences relating to regulator and Tribunal

161. Penalties

162. Magistrate’s Court jurisdiction to impose penalties

Part C : Miscellaneous matters

163. Agents

164. Civil actions and jurisdiction

165. Variation of order

166. Limitations of bringing action

167. Standard of proof

168. Serving documents

169. Proof of facts

170. Credit provider to keep records