NCA Chapter 7

NCA Chapter 7

National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)

Chapter 7 : Dispute Settlement other than debt enforcement

Chapter 7 of the National Credit Act addresses dispute settlement other than debt enforcement. This includes alternative dispute resolution, informatal resolution, investigation of complaints,  tribunal consideration of complaints, applications and referrals and tribunal orders.

Part A : Alternative dispute resolution

134. Alternative dispute resolution

135. Dispute resolution may result in consent order

Part B : Initiating complaints or applications

136. Initiating a complaint to National Credit Regulator

137. Initiating applications to Tribunal

138. Consent orders

Part C : Informal resolution or investigation of complaints

139. Investigation by National Credit Regulator

140. Outcome of complaint

141. Referral to Tribunal

Part D : Tribunal consideration of complaints, applications and referrals

142. Hearings before Tribunal

143. Right to participate in hearing

144. Powers of member presiding at hearing

145. Rules of procedure

146. Witnesses

147. Costs

148. Appeals and reviews

Part E : Tribunal orders

149. Interim relief

150. Orders of Tribunal

151. Administrative fines

152. Status and enforcement of orders

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