NCA Chapter 2

NCA Chapter 2

National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)

Chapter 2 : Consumer Credit Institutions

Chapter 2 of the National Credit 2005 Act focuses primarily on consumer credit institutions including the establishment of the National Credit Regulator and the National Consumer Tribunal.

Part A : National Credit Regulator

12. Establishment of National Credit Regulator

13. Development of accessible credit market

14. Registration functions of National Credit Regulator

15. Enforcement functions of National Credit Regulator

16. Research and public information

17. Relations with other regulatory authorities

18. Reporting requirements of National Credit Regulator

19. Governance of National Credit Regulator

20. Qualifications for Board membership

21. Conflicting interests of members of Board

22. Resignation, removal from office and vacancies

23. Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

24. Conflicting interests

25. Appointment of inspectors and investigators

Part B : National Consumer Tribunal

26. Establishment and constitution of Tribunal

27. Functions of Tribunal

28. Qualifications of members of Tribunal

29. Term of office of members of Tribunal

30. Deputy Chairperson of Tribunal

31. Tribunal proceedings

32. Conflicts and disclosure of interest

33. Acting by member of Tribunal after expiry of term of office

34. Remuneration and benefits

Part C : Administrative Matters

35. Finances

36. Reviews and reports to Minister

Part D : National and provincial co-operation

37. Co-operative exercise of concurrent jurisdiction

38. Information sharing