NCR Success Stories

NCR Successes for the period April 2009 to March 2010

Registrations Department 

AS per the NCA the NCR is mandated to register and regulate credit providers, credit bureaux and debt counsellors and to enforce compliance. It also has the responsibility to promote a responsible and accessible credit market and to protect consumers from abusive and unfair practices Since inception the NCR has been able to register the above entities:

  • A total of 4168 credit providers (3690 in 2009) with 33706 branches;
  • 1642 debt counsellors (834 in 2009) and
  • 10 credit bureaux

Complaints handling and resolution Department 

During the year April 2009-March 2010, 3 497 formal complaints were logged of which:

  • 3 093 were resolved – giving a resolution rate of 88,45%;
  • 30,74% were resolved within 30 days,
  • 51% within 60 days;
  • 14.53% within 90 days and
  • 18,67% resolved outside of 90 days.
The resolution of these complaints resulted in:
  • R488 882 being refunded to consumers (Since Inception: R 1,577,880.72) and
  • R387 419 being favorably adjusted to outstanding consumer loan account balances (Since Inception: R 2,615,538.33).
The NCR’s commitment and target is that complaints will take a maximum of 90 days to be resolved. 
The NCR call centre, which is at the frontline of contact with consumers, received a total of 81 895 calls during the year.

Education Department

For the period April 2009-March 2010, the department achieved the following:

  • 98.1m Advertising Value Equivalence (AVE), this represents the amount that the NCR would have spent for advertising had it advertised in the print, broadcast and electronic media.
  • 415 consumer awareness and capacity building workshops where conducted in all nine provinces, covering both rural and urban areas;
  • 8 Billboards carrying different consumer messages were flighted on its Pretoria-Johannesburg N 1 south route, targeting on average 60 000 daily motorists and
  • 5 Outside broadcasts were staged with community based radio stations across the country as part of the NCR’s consumer education and awareness drive to reach-out to communities both rural and urban areas.


Debt Counselling Department 

To facilitate the smooth running of the debt review system, the NCR has contracted Payment Distribution Agencies (PDAs), with the responsibility of collecting money from consumers and distributing this to credit providers in accordance with the restructured agreement. Five PDAs currently provide these services:

  • Approximately R1,3 billion in debt review payments has been collected by PDA’s since March 2009-April 2010.
  • Since inception, PDAs have received R1,8 billion and disbursed R1,6 billion.
  • The NCR received about 7 000 to 8 000 new debt counselling applications every month, bringing the total number of applications since inception to 160 000. These are applications of consumers who could have had their houses, cars and other valuable possessions repossessed.

Investigations Department 

There have been high profile cases involving non-compliant debt counsellors which the NCR took to the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) involving:

  • Mr. Zolile Senior Njokweni: Registration cancelled.
  • Mr. Petrus Martinus Ferreira: Registration cancelled.
  • Mr. Ralph Zulu: registration was cancelled; however, this cancellation was suspended for a period of one year. This effectively means that should Mr. Zulu contravene the NCA again within a year, he would not be allowed to proceed with his business.

Research and Statistics Department

  • The NCR has successfully published five editions of the Consumer Credit Report. This report is produced on a quarterly basis and monitors the credit patterns regarding the supply and demand for consumer credit, the repayments history of various credit products and how credit is distributed among various income categories.
  • Through these reports the NCR is able advice the South African Reserve Bank and National Treasury on the state of the credit industry based on the Consumer Credit Report.
  • One of the positives that can be accredited to the advent of the NCA/NCR is that, for the quarter ended December 2007, the value of new credit granted was R102 billion and when compared to the quarter ended December 2009 the value new credit granted was R63 billion, a decline of R39 billion or 39%.

Credit Information and Research 

  • Credit Bureaux provide the NCR with information pertaining to the credit habits of consumers in South Africa. Since June 2007 the NCR has been publishing quarterly Credit Bureau Monitors reflecting the activity which occurs within the bureau’s databases in regard to consumer credit activity;
  • In the last financial year 4 Credit Bureau Monitors we released making it 9 the total number of Monitors since inception;
  • The value in doing this is that an accumulative perspective of the credit market is created affording a useful insight to the market for credit providers, credit bureaux, government and other stakeholders such as credit industry bodies and sector-associated ancillary service providers e.g. debt counsellors;
  • As at December 2009, 77,8% of the population had a credit record, and out of a population of 38.37 million consumers, 47% were credit active and
  • In short, the Credit Bureau Monitors are useful synopses of the South African credit market and its performance.

Debt Counsellors

Marsia Kuypers

Tel: 082 396 2568

Fax: 086 556 3328

Area: Pretoria

Jan-Viljoen Coetzee

Tel: 084 549 1755

Fax: 086 621 9193

Area: Nina Park

Valerie Nakale

Tel: 018 381 8768

Fax: 018 381 8604

Area: Mafikeng

Dean Morris

Tel: 083 645 4094

Fax: 031 763 4363

Area: La Lucia

Joana Vivier

Tel: 053 832 6229

Fax: 086 543 4640

Area: Kimberley

Jacques Jooste

Tel: 011 794 7555

Fax: 011 794 9965

Area: Johannesburg

Marlene Stein

Tel: 012 667 4177

Fax: 086 527 2203

Area: Irene

Heidi Naude

Tel: 044 873 0281

Fax: 086 512 5012

Area: George

Herbert Theron

Tel: 011 472 0088

Fax: 086 655 6730

Area: Florida

Isabe Landman

Tel: 041 933 1189

Fax: 086 591 2676

Area: Despatch

Andiswa Tinto

Tel: 021 431 9134

Fax: 086 523 7084

Area: Cape Town

Jaco Janse Van Rensburg

Tel: 082 568 4969

Fax: 086 645 0389

Area: Barberton

Monique Snyders

Tel: 032 946 3024

Fax: 086 588 4605

Area: Ballito

Christopher Beukes

Tel: 084 2577599

Fax: 021 637 5023

Area: Athlone

Lydia Kinnear

Tel: 082 824 6338

Fax: 086 537 5976

Area: Annlin

Anlizette Schuurman

Tel: 031 903 3840

Fax: 031 701 5570

Area: Amanzimtoti

Kelebogile Mooketsi

Tel: 082 299 3430

Fax: 086 695 3280

Area: Amandasig

Annerie Marais

Tel: 083 703 0486

Fax: 045 838 6572

Area: Aliwall North

Rerandzo Mokgwatlheng

Tel: 082 430 6329

Fax: 011 805 8348

Area: Alexandra Township

Daniel Lezar

Tel: 011 907 1022

Fax: 011 907 1490

Area: Alberton